The Executive Course at Lakehouse

Mulligan Low Net Event + Low Putts

(Low putts will count whether you use a mulligan or not)
Note: please mark an “m” in the box next to score that you use a mulligan!!
All players may choose to replay 1 (one) shot per each 9 holes.
In other words, a player may choose to re-hit one shot only on each 9 holes of play and, if he chooses to hit a “mulligan” he must use the result of the mulligan for his next shot.
It can be a drive, any shot from off the green including a bunker or a putt.
Birdie pool
Birdie does not count if mulligan is used on that hole.
Scoring is done otherwise same as low net
Non-handicap event. Will not be used for low score in “player of the month” scoring.

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