The Executive Course at Lakehouse

Sucker in the Bucket – 2, 3 or 4 Man Teams

A team game that puts the onus on one player per hole to come through for the team.

Each group of 2, 3 or 4 players decide the order in which each player will hit and that player must finish the hole and his net score will be the score the team must take for that hole.

For example, player a is “sucker” on the first hole, b on the second, c on the third, d on the fourth, then back to a on the fifth and so on.

The net score that the “sucker” gets on “his” hole is the one counted for the group and is written on the bottom line box for the team score.

If the “sucker” loses his ball he plays another ball just as you would in a normal game, taking the appropriate strokes for lost ball or out-of-bounds.

All players should record all their scores regardless of whether they are the “sucker” on a hole so that your scores can be turned in for handicap.

No special colored ball is required!!!

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